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Why our Farm-fresh gelato is far better than ice-cream

Nobody in the area makes gelato the way we do, learn why


Since 2014 we have been working with a selected number of top chefs and food professionals in the region, helping them create the dessert menu for their restaurants, catering businesses & dining establishments.

Our award winning, truly Italian gelato, sorbetto & desserts are all produced in our kitchen, per order, using local, organic and farm-fresh ingredients with no colorants, pre-made gelato base powders or flavoring pastes  or any type of corn syrups. That’s why nobody in the area produce authentic, farm-fresh Italian gelato the way we do at Gemelli.

Vincenzo’s expertise allows him to create many different and never seen in the area savory gelato flavors as well like tomato & basil, parmigiano, EVOO, gorgonzola, yellow pepper, eggplant & rosemary and many others to fuel your imagination.

Partner with us today and take your establishment to the next level!

What to expect:

  • Contact us and let us know your needs, we will meet at the Cafe or your establishment to sample the goods
  • Decide which products you are interested in and finalize payment terms
  • We can deliver only in the West Chester area with a minimum order of 6 gelato pans (5 Liter-1.4 Gallons each)
  • Call 48 hrs in advance to order or 7 days for specialty/custom flavors. 484-557-8482

Contact Vincenzo Directly: