The Gemelli Difference

Bringing truly artisanal & authentic gelato to West Chester to me it means being able to share a piece of my home country with all my customers and friends. That’s why I believe it is important to respect & honor completely from scratch processes, traditions & ingredients.

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Like in Italy.. but better
I was born and raised in Italy, but even in Italy most gelato shops take shortcuts with pre-made gelato powder mixes or artificially flavored pastes that come in cans or bags. NOT at Gemelli. 

Farm fresh, local & organic ingredients
I use only organic, grass-fed fresh milk, cream & yogurt from local farms in all our desserts. I select the best local, organic produce, jams, cheeses and raw honey, using what’s in season to enhance our creations.

A dessert experience that’s better for you
I banned corn and high fructose corn syrups, hydrogenated fats, colorants and preservatives. I never use any pre-made, artificially flavored gelato pastes or powder gelato mixes like others in the area do.

All our desserts are handcrafted daily, right here
My team and I make everything from scratch, from peanut butter, to caramel to all the topping sauces & nut butters.. Everyday. Say “Ciao” from the big kitchen window! 

Less fat, real ingredients = more pleasure
My farm fresh gelato is very low in fat (6% – 8%) compared to Ice Cream (15% – 20%+), and I know this because I calculate the grams of fat in every recipe. All my fruit Sorbetti are naturally FAT & lactose FREE & vegan. 

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