Our Gelato Vs. Ice Cream

Are you still eating months old, fat, colorants & powder filled ice cream?? It’s time to try Gemelli gelato, which is made daily with local, organic and farm fresh ingredients and served at a warmer temperature to be enjoyed right away!

Gelato is not just “Italian ice cream”, it is a totally different product. Our gelato is also creamier, richer and melts in your mouth for an intense explosion of flavors.

But let’s see why there is truly no competition:

Half (or less) the fat of Ice Cream

Our gelato contains less than half the fat of ice cream (6-1o% butterfat, versus 15-20% or more in ice cream), we know it because we calculate it in every flavor. Also our sorbetti are naturally FAT FREE,  DAIRY FREE & VEGAN and full of fresh, in season fruit.

Creamier & more dense, without the butterfat

You need air to make gelato or ice cream, but at Gemelli you eat more deliciousness and way less air: 25/30% overrun (air percentage in final product) vs 80-100% or more found in regular ice cream. Our gelato has better texture, an intense flavor, a smooth and long finish that ice-cream just can’t reach.

 Warmer serving temperature for an explosion of flavor

Our gelato is handcrafted to be served at around 6.8F, while ice cream is stored and served rock solid at -0.4F or colder. You can eat gelato right away and it will melt in your mouth for an explosion of flavors. Also in our gelato you’ll never find ice crystals or freezer burns, all signs of a stale, old ice cream.

 Made fresh daily with local, organic & farm-fresh ingredients

At Gemelli we use local, organic & farm-fresh ingredients, and lots of them, to make our gelato taste exactly like it is suppose to taste and look. You will not be fooled by bright colors and inviting sugary sauces everywhere, but your taste buds will thank you.

Truly an 100% artisanal, unique process

We control every step of the production process and Gemelli Gelato is made fresh daily in our “Gelato Lab”. Gelato is a way more delicate product, and has to be handcrafted just right to withstand the display case without getting too soft or too hard. Ice cream is stored for months/years before ending up in your cup and it’s filled with powders, fillers & pre-made flavoring pastes.

All of this means that Gemelli Gelato is smoother, denser and with a more intense flavor. It tastes richer, creamier, more decadent and sinful but, in reality, it’s far less fattening and healthier than regular ice cream or powder filled frozen yogurt.

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