What Gemelli Means to Us

Ciao Amici!

We are Vincenzo, Julianne & our fantastic Gemelli team. Meet the Team!


How it all started

Gemelli is a story about the passion for healthy food, the love for our native country but also the love for our new home and community. A story about building something people can be proud of, something that is true to its roots, but not afraid to innovate.

It was fate that brought Vincenzo and Julianne together one night in Milano, Italy while Julianne was studying abroad. This fate turned both of their lives upside-down and lead to Vincenzo moving to the US in 2009.


Vincenzo and his region 

Vincenzo was born and raised in Ferrara, a medieval city in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. This region is well known to the world for its excellences: Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Tortellini, the real Lasagna (with bolognese and besciamella sauce), Ducati, Ferrari and Lamborghini to name a few. A region where decades of great passion, local agriculture and traditions paid off with incredible success.


Our promise & philosophy 

It is with that commitment to local, quality and tradition that Vincenzo opened Gemelli. Gemelli is a place where you will find un-compromised Italian Gelato and everyday unique Desserts. The treats on Gemelli’s menu are a result of decades of family traditions and recipes, years of Vincenzo’s experimentations with regional Italian staples and new creations invented using some of the most common ingredients any Italian would use.

Vincenzo grew up with the new wave of Italian culinary traditions and Gemelli is not your average Italian-American bakery.

We are lucky enough to be located in Pennsylvania, where we find the freshest local dairies, produce and cheeses. On top of these we use all the finest products America has to offer (California and Oregon nuts, tropical fruits, berries) and this is why we choose local, freshness and quality over a product that even if it comes from Italy, has been traveling for way too long.


What does “Gemelli” mean in Italian?

“Gemelli” in Italian means twins (or two things that pair well together) and the zodiac sign “Gemini”. We choose this name because it is Vincenzo’s zodiac sign, but most importantly because it embodies our vision of duality: the intersection between tradition & innovation, between gelato & dessert, between Italy & US, between life & fate.

Come in, relax and taste a slice of the real Italia!

The Gemelli Experience

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